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June 18, 2010 - REPORT Why Nova Scotians Can't Afford a New Convention Centre

June 18, 2010 - REPORT Is there a business case for a new convention centre in Halifax?

June 18, 2010 - REPORT Review of Criterion Communications Inc. and HLT Advisory Reports Regarding WTCC, Halifax, NS

February 22, 2010, Media Release, Save the View Coalition asks Auditor General to Investigate Proposed P3 Convention Centre

November 5, 2009, Media Release, Citizens Sign to Save the View

October 13, 2009 Media Release, Petitioners Oppose Convention Centre Towers

October 3, 2009 HRM goes to Sweden:  Who will learn what from whom? The Chronicle-Herald, Larry Hughes

October 3, 2009 Convention centre awaits N.S. cash The Chronicle Herald, by the Canadian Press

September 28, 2009 Chronicle Herald Voice of the People (HTML) or

Hughes and Wood: Solar energy and multi-storey residential buildings

Comments on HRM by Design," Voice of the People" section in the Chronicle Herald, June 3, 2009 by Alan Ruffman

June 1, 2009 Media Release HRMbyDeception: Downtown Plan will Privatize our Common View

Turner Drake Newsletter: Vanishing Halifax: An Inconvenient Truth, Summer 2009
..."a key driver of demand for all types of space in Downtown Halifax is its unique character.... defined in large part by the heritage buildings and their relationship with the harbour. The environment thus created is Downtown Halifax's major competitive advantage which, once destroyed will never be reincarnated...."

The Trouble with High Rises, From Alternative Magazine Volume 34 Number 1 - 2008, by Edmund P. Fowler

Heritage Trust Brochure - Citadel View Threatened by HRMbyDesign

A Better Design: The Heritage Trust Plan for Downtown Halifax (html) or

Well-Greased Machine Under Fire -, May 6, 2009

Response to Downtown Halifax Business Commission 6-page colour brochure about HRMbyDesign
by Beverly Miller - 2009

EAC Wants Sustainable Buildings to be Mandatory - March 30, 2009

Web video of Ecological Architect Bjarke Ingels: 3 warp-speed architecture tales

Cart Before Horse(sense) & HRMbyDesign (HTML) or
by Denault Blouin (

An article by Phil Pacey from the Heritage Trust web site.

Built Heritage News…Who Defends the View of the Ontario Legislature

Halifax: Heritage, Height, and Heating, by Dr. Larry Hughes, Dalhousie Energy Group
Published: Chronicle-Herald – January 19 2008

Nova Scotia Can: Building the Creative Economy in Nova Scotia
Leah Hamilton, Andrea Arbic, Greg Baeker, February 2009

Scrapping Skyscrapers - Tall buildings being good for the environment may be all wrong by Chris Benjamin in The Coast - April 10 2008









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