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October 13, 2009

Media Release

Petitioners Oppose Convention Centre Towers

Halifax, NS- Don't give public funds to a private developer to block the view from Citadel Hill, says a petition presented to provincial Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) this afternoon by representatives of the Coalition to Save the View.

"Today, residents and visitors enjoy the centre harbour view of George's Island from the roadway on Citadel Hill. If public funds are used to support a convention centre on this site, two towers of 14 and 18 storeys will be allowed to block the view," states the petition.

The postcard petition, addressed to the Premier, shows a picture of the view of Halifax Harbour and George's Island from the roadway today and how that view will be blocked if two towers were built on the Rank Group site between Argyle, Prince, Market and Sackville streets in downtown Halifax.

HRM staff, the Utility and Review Board and the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled against a narrower tower (The Midtown Tower) at a similar height on part of this site a few years ago. An unusual new land use by-law under HRMbyDesign would allow towers of this height only if government funds are provided for a convention centre.

"Think of the tourists!", said Laura of Barrie, Ontario. "Buildings can go anywhere, but we can't move the view."

"Build these - you will lose my vote," said Brian of Halifax.

Petitioners, mostly in downtown Halifax, signed almost 800 post cards. 69 % were residents of Halifax, and 22 % were visitors from outside Nova Scotia, including tourists and people attending conventions.

A public survey held on May 31 showed that 91% of pedestrians polled do not want these towers to be constructed.

The petition was organized by the Coalition to Save the View.  This Coalition which has also received support from emailers and members of the facebook group Help Save the View from Citadel Hill wants developments in HRM to make good business sense, the development approval process to respect the rights of citizens to participate and new buildings to be financially and environmentally sound.  

The Coalition to Save the View is made up of individuals and groups. 

For information on Save the View visit: <>

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Facebook site is: Help Save the View From Citadel Hill

Contact: Peter Delefes, 826 2087
Peggy Cameron, 492 4372